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napoleone 1997-2006 capas de gibi em italiano

Terça-feira, 18.08.09

napoleine e um personagen da ebonneli comics italia

YOU/THEY HAVE WRITTEN OF NAPOLEONE NAPOLEONE, The Small Jewel Of the Stable BONELLI Articolo of Fabio Canesi, appeared on “You Chronicle of Cremona”, September 20 th 2004: “(…) There is a character (…) young relatiuvamente (…) that till now you/he/she has not entered among the giants of the comic strip, but that it certainly deserves attention from the readers both from who occupies of critical fumettistica. We are reporting us to Napoleone, the character created by Charles Ambrosini, one of the most complete and eclectic authors that Sergio Bonelli is able, to everything today, to boast… " PAUL BACILIERI: One "Foreigner" Á. the Court Of SERGIO BONELLI I Articulate of Dario Cortesi, appeared on "You chronicle of Cremona", January 1 st 2004: "(...) It is in newspaper kiosk the number 39 of Napoleone, where Bacilieri faces his/her seventh work to the service of the character created in 1997 by Charles Ambrosini, this time coadiuvato in the screen-play from Alberto Ostini (...). The author veronese shows him once more a complete artist, where, besides recognizes her graphic ability, show also an ability in the management of the history that pleasantly surprises the reader in every occasion... " NAPOLEONE, SMALL ANALYSIS OF A GREAT HERO OF PAPER. Editorial appeared in her Chronicle of Cremona, Cream and Casalmaggiore, September 22 nd 2002: “To everything today, the blonde hero of Charles Ambrosini embodies one of the figures of circle fumettistico better… You choice of an unusual ambientazione as that Swiss, traditionally so calm, but that among the pages of Napoleone you/he/she becomes so position of suspense and mystery, can be understood as a wish to go out a po out of the schemes, to create a comic strip that doesn't take back any seam but that it follows a personal road….” To make The Accounts With The Great Themes, of Stephen Gorla. Critique of Napoleone n. 25, “You lost life”, appeared on Readings November 2001,: “A savory episode where the protagonist, from the unlikely name, it is found to make the accounts with the life and with his/her own death; while the reader is induced to reflect on the concept of time recovering the philosophical reflections of Agostino, Hegel and Heidegger.” The Detective Of the Dream, of Emanuele Sciarretta. It interviews to Charles Ambrosini appeared on The Manifesto February 24 th 2001,: "Thanks to the fantastic one I/you/they are not anchored only to a kind. I depart from the world of the unconscious, I hook me to the tradition favolistica and archetipica with all the evocative strength of the images that they accompany him and I succeed so to make to live to Napoleone, transversally, more narrative son-in-laws." NAPOLEONE, Detective Of the Fantastic World of Joseph Cozzolino. Article appeared on The Morning December 2 nd 1997,: "the basic idea", he/she explains the inventor of Napoleone, Charles Ambrosini, already draftsman for Dylan Dog and Ken Parker, "it was that to succeed in telling some existence of an immense psychic store. The expedient of a strong and solar figure like that of Napoleone the best is seemed, also because the presence of someone was needed that tried to sail in the waters of the chaos"... NAPOLEONE L' investigator, of George Ludone. Article appeared on Messenger Veneto, October 22 nd 1997: "The most anomalous line of the character created by Ambrosini is represented by its ability to establish an interview with some strange creatures (invisible to everybody, except that to him) been born by its mind and inhabitants a landscape onirico and surreal governed by proper eccentric rules." LAST NATO IN THE HOUSE BONELLI. It grows The People Of the Comic strips of Pier George Nosari. Article appeared on The echo in Bergamo October 17 th 1997,: "The irrational and emotional element has a strong part in the character of the character and, to how much it is realized, also in the spirit of the series, that formally is an intersection among the ` giallo´ of the police investigation and the ` nero´ of the crime, of the dramatic atmospheres, of the tense and violent action. With in anymore a squirt of fantasy to relieve and to give more taste to the cocktail, that at first sight seems the most appetizing and original among those served in the last times by Bonelli." LAST NATO IN THE HOUSE BONELLI. It grows The People Of the Comic strips of Pier George Nosari. Article appeared on The echo in Bergamo October 17 th 1997,: "An enigmatic character that collaborates with the justice to Geneva. To the border between imagination and reality... ". MANONE AND PISTOLONI. Franco's Busatta interview to Charles Ambrosini and Paul Bacilieri appeared in Dime Press, n. 21 year VII (s.d.): "Me to make Napoleone I depart from heroes all of a piece as Garibaldi or, that know, as the riders without stain of Walter Scott... Terms as abnegation, altruism, honesty, moral integrities are my words of order in the construction of the hero." THIRD DEGREE. Joseph's Pollicelli interview to Charles Ambrosini appeared on Dime Press, n. 17 year You (s.d.): "for a long time I thought about a scenery in which it was possible to move the psychic materials and the imaginations of the man, associating in a same context ancient Egypt and the Viennese Secession, the Indian fables and the myths of classical Greece." The Comic strip, of Oscar Cosulich. Critique appeared on The express train October 2 nd 1997,: "An unusual character that the cartoonist launches in difficult investigations on bloody crimes, among quotations of, Psycho and graphic references that go from George Grosz to Little Nemo… ". COMIC STRIPS Á. RECEIVES HER/IT: Magic Wind is NAPOLEONE Di Charles, The Last Two Heroes That FUROREGGIANO, of Livia Grossi. Article appeared on The Time September 28 th 1997,: "The past times and the future fantascientifico, the western and the psychoanalysis, the American cinema and the African animism are some of the ingredients of these post-modern histories, consumed by the young readers… ". NAPOLEONE, A Detective been Born In Italy, of Mark Bertoldi. Article appeared on The Newspaper of Brescia September 21 st 1997,: "It is not one of the usual heroes created by home authors that have however foreign names and whose adventures develop him in the Usa or in exotic environments… ". NAPOLEONE: It Is not BONAPARTE MA it is Special Equally, editorial article appeared on World Padano, September 20 th 1997. "It is not a historical comic strip and it doesn't have anything to do with at all it the valiant emperor destroyed to Waterloo. You treats instead of the classical detective that remembers, more than his/her predecessors bonelliani, the classical ones of the modern yellow." Visionary NAPOLEONE IL, of Stefania Marra. Article appeared on Events September 17 th 1997,: "It arrives in newspaper kiosk Napoleone, a miniserie between yellow and noir of the Bonelli. It is in Padua a show it celebrates the publishing House… ". NAPOLEONE In NOIR, of Ann Lia Sabelli Foils. Article appeared on the Messenger of Umbria September 13 th 1997,: "The peculiarity of this new hero of the comic strips is only the materialization of three strange visible creatures to him that they represent three aspects of its personality… ". The NAPOLEONE Of BONELLI, A Hero Among Yellow È NOIR, of Francis Specchia. Article appeared on The arena September 12 th 1997,: "The new product to juvenile target, rich of literary-cinema quotations, it is announced among the most interesting some season… ". NAPOLEONE arrives, This Time From the Swiss, of Andrew Cavalcanti. Article appeared on Liberation September 11 th 1997,: "The most anomalous line of the character created by Ambrosini is its ability to establish an interview with strange creatures been born by its mind… ". The Return Of NAPOLEONE Imperatore Of the Comic strips, of Phillip De Bortoli. Article appeared on her Prealpina, September 10 th 1997. With interview to Charles Ambrosini: "Reflexive and psychoanalytic connotations mix him so in a history typically made of interlacements and situations adventurous… ". NAPOLEONE Tra The Mysteries (Drawn). Editorial appeared on The Small one September 10 th 1997,: "To create Napoleone of Charles, this the complete name of the character, has been Charles Ambrosini, that the fans of Dylan Dog know well… ". The Investigations Of NAPOLEONE, of Dario Campione. Article appeared on Morning Milan, supplement to The unity, July 30 th 1997: "If the yellow plot perfectly traces the style of the comic strip bonelliano, entirely new they appear, instead, the calls and the raids of the character on the ground mined of the psychoanalysis... ".

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